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The Proper Fit

We want your purchase of Bay Area Comfort Footwear to be a good experience, assure they perform well for you, while providing a good value. Our goal is to keep you as a long time customer. With that in mind, we carefully fit each customer to assure the best fit. We usually try several pairs, sizes and styles. When fitting a pair of sandals we look for three considerations. A little room in the front to protect your toes, that the support areas are hitting the correct areas on the bottom of your feet and assure your heals are cradled in the back. We have you walk on a hard surface to feel the comfort, support and assure the proper fit. Our sandals are extremely adjustable and when we sell a pair of sandals or shoes we’re confident that it’s the right shoe for the right person. To further assure your sandals or shoes are right for you, we suggest first wearing them inside your home to assure you’re happy with the fit and comfort.    

Questions or Concerns About Your Purchase?

Call us: 415-382-0284 anytime. If we’re not available, leave a message and we’ll return your call quickly. – OR – Email us:

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and concerns about the information you give us. We will not share, rent or sell the information to anyone. We use it only to serve you better and provide updated information about Bay Area Comfort Footwear.

Contact Information

Email: Phone: 415-382-0284. Return Address: Bay Area Comfort Footwear, 448 Ignacio Blvd. #163, Novato, CA 94949