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“Your Sandals have saved my life! If my feet are happy, I am happy!
N.P. – Fremont, CA

“Tried your shoes 10 years ago while suffering with foot pain–pain gone in a week! I’m on my feet a lot–love the way the soles align my back. Thank you.”
M.G. – Palm Desert, CA

“I appreciate you and your company. Having feet that are hard to fit I find your shoes amazing.”
K.M. – Oakland, CA

“That is the best news! I cannot believe what amazing customer service you provide your customers. If you ever want a testimonial you have one from us! Best Regards, ”
L & J – Hercules, CA

“I bought a pair of thong sandals from you at the San Mateo Crafts and Sewing Fair last month. I can hardly bear to take them off! Absolutely wonderful!”
F.C. – San Mateo, CA

“Love, love, love your sandals. Had major surgery on both feet & need orthotics. Support with your sandals eliminates the need for them. And so comfortable. Have 4 pairs now & want more. You have leathers & colors I can’t get here. ”
L.O. – Sutherline, OR

“Bought a Sugaro and V-thong sandals at PIQF. No more Aleve! Yea! ”
D.K. – Santa Clara, CA

“My husband and I bought two pairs of sandals from you about two years ago at a time when I was trying to get more active by walking my new dog. I was having a horrible time because I kept falling and hurting myself and have to recover and then have to start over again. I was very depressed and ready to give up trying. We saw your booth at a dog show in Sacramento I believe and some gentleman there talked us into buying them! I ended up absolutely loving them and they really helped subside the foot pain and the falling episodes. ”
D.C. – Tracy, CA

“BTW did I tell you that I brought all of my shoes and sandals to my podiatrist and he “graded” each of them. Pretty much all my shoes are “good.” I.e. Clark’s, Naturalizer, Vionics etc. Yours is the only one that got an A+!”
R.C. – Fremont, CA

“Hi there. I just wanted to give you a report about how Amazing my feet are feeling beginning the day that I first put my sandals on! I met you in Sacramento, at a Diabetic conference. My feet had been problematic for at least three years. I was planning on getting cortisone injections due to the pain! I’m curious when you will be in my area again. I guess I’ll wait for May’s calendar. Thank you so much for saving my feet and hours of daily agony!!”
P.S. – Lodi, CA

“I received my gorgeous new closed shoes! They are SO comfortable. It feels, as do your sandals I have, like I’m not wearing shoes at all….I can’t wait to get more! And the leather stamping is just beautiful….So glad I could finally get closed shoes from you!”
R.B. – Redlands, CA

“I received my shoes yesterday and have them on now!  I love them.  I will be taking them to Europe for all the walking we will be doing.Thanks!”
P.N. – Wasco, CA

“First of all, I LOVE the shoes I bought from you at the Bakersfield Show! So…very comfortable. By the end of the day on Thurs, Friday and Saturday, after walking all day on the concrete floors of the exhibit hall, I was in absolute agony.  However, Sunday, after I purchased a pair of your shoes was a totally different story. Although tired after a long day’s work, I had no foot pain and still had energy left over.  Thank you, thank you!”
C.P. – Bakersfield, CA

“I can still hear you saying, ‘there is no breaking in time, you”ll know right away if you like how they feel’. While I have had chronic back pain for years and foot surgery, I continue to walk at least 4 miles a day. Stepping into your sandals and walking on the concrete floor at the Craneway Pavilion for only a few minutes convinced me that I had found the comfort I had only dreamed about. I reluctantly took them off at bedtime and slipped them on first thing this morning. Walking on hardwood floors and tiled floors never felt so good! The materials, workmanship and an America made product is icing in the cake. Thank you both for doing what you do.”
D.M. – Richmond, CA

“Looking so forward to my new sandals. I LOVE them & how fun to have a brand spanking new pair. As I said I was wearing the knobs down, that’s how much I wear them! “
C.R. – McKinleyville, CA

“I purchased a pair of Denim Snake Buckle Strap sandals at the Auburn Home and Garden Show earlier this year.  I spent 12 long days walking several of the main cities in Italy – Rome, Sorrento, Positano, Assissi, Venice, Verona, Milan, Pisa, Florence, Cinque Terra.  They were wonderful.  The sandals as well as the cities and food.  Thanks for making such comfortable shoes.”
K.L. – Auburn, CA

“Bought a pair of Karin at the PIQF when my feet were not feeling so good. Put on the shoes and I felt like dancing. When I went to my doctor he said that your shoes were very good for my feet. He should only know. Mama is a happy camper!”
V.C. – Lake Elsinore, CA

“Just wanted to let you know how much I love my pink sandals!!!! Love the color, love the fit, love the bling!!! Thank you! Thank you!”
D.S. – Mira Loma, CA

“I wear my sandals almost every day and love the buttons.  Hopefully I can purchase another pair and add some bling to them.  I wear mine in the winter, to hike in and for dressing it up also.  They are just so comfortable.”
M.A. – Columbia, CA

“They arrived…..I love them and 39 size is perfect….will order white ones soon. THANK YOU….my feet thank you….what a lovely vocation you have….making happy feet…..sounds funny but it really is something special.”
J.D. – San Jose, CA

“Bought a pair a your sandals at the Redwood Acres quilt show a couple of weeks ago. They are by far the most incredable footwear I have ever owned. I’m 73 yrs old. Took 12 pair of “other” shoes to the thrift store. I want to buy a pair of closed toe shoes for winter.”
F.B. – McKinleyville, CA

“Got fitted for your shoes at a local convention and I was won over in five minutes! I am positive yours will be the very last shoe brand I ever purchase! My pain was gone, simple as that.”
P.C. – San Jose, CA

“I sent a picture of your shoes to my sister in Pennsylvania, she liked them so much she ordered a pair of red Karin’s.  The following day she received a call from you and was very impressed with your customer service.  There are not many companies that do what you do.  You took care of me when I had an issue with a pair and because of that I bought another pair.  You stand behind your product and have made my husband & I advocates of your product line. May you have success in your lives.  Thank you for being a part of ours.”
B.D. & R.S. – LaGrange, CA

“Just wanted to say I really like the shoes that I ordered. The are very comfortable.”
D.W. – San Jose, CA

“When I arrived in CA from IN to visit my best friend she told me there was a quilt show going on that weekend. My feet and ankles were terribly swollen and I was having trouble walking in shoes that are normally too large for me. I bought a pair of sandals and haven’t taken them off. Little did I know my feet never went back to their normal size for over 4 weeks without a strong water pill from my doctor. We still don’t know why they are swelling so much, but thank goodness I bought sandals from you that day!!”
S.S. – Indianapolis, IN

”December 24 about 1800 I received my shoes!!! I was so extremely happy!!! Thanks.”
P.V. – Lemoore, CA

“The shoes have arrived!! They are Grand! Even better than I remembered the sample for the leather style and color. Will keep your website info for purchases in the future.”
S.B. – Nipomo, CA

“Today I was at the Harvest Festival in Sacramento. I’ve seen your booth before but always thought the shoes would too expensive. But this time, I was in so much pain I decided to stop and see what this was all about. I tried on a pair of the plain black shoes and I knew I had found something special. I bought them and wore them for the rest of the show. I cannot believe I not only made it thru the entire showroom but then out to the car and all the rest of the day with very little pain! I’m looking forward to tomorrow so I can put them on again. Some nights I can hardly walk. But not today. Thank you so much!”
L.M. – Citrus Heights, CA

“I found you at a quilt show and immediate got your sandals. I am still wearing it.It has to be about 10 yrs. LOVE them!”
H.Q. – Santa Clara, CA

“Received my shoes today, they fit perfectly. Thank you so much for all your work and efforts, appreciate it so much. Good to know there are still caring and honest people in the world. Thank you.”
P.H. – Loomis, CA

“My 2 daughters and I each bought a pair of the V-Thongs at the Harvest Festival this year.  All 3 of us are so very pleased that we decided to go ahead and purchase them in spite of the cost!”
A.W. – Ventura, CA

“Bought a pr of Karin’s at CNCH in Oakland this spring. We had a European travel trip coming up and I thought they’d be a good sandal for my plantar fasciatis.  They were!  A month thru Italy, Ephesus, & 11 day bus thru Bucharest/Serbia/Romania with LOTS of walking.  Very happy with them. And my husband likes them – he hates my Birks, which I’ve worn since the 70’s. Thank you for a good product.”
K.R. – Applegate, CA

“Several years ago I puchased a pair of your sandals at the Lodi Home and Garden Show. I must admit, I had never paid that much for a pair of shoes. Needless to say, best purchase I ever made. They still look like new and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have owned in the 72 years I’ve been on this earth. Since purple is my favorite color, I wear them a lot. Thank you.”
G.M. – Oroville, CA

“I want to thank you for the opportunity you gave me with the most comfortable pair of shoes/sandals that I’ve ever owned. I purchased them at Stitches West this past February. Within minutes of putting them on my back pain was gone and afforded me the opportunity to continue walking around the Market Place. Thank you,Thank you Thank you!”
T.A. – Patterson, NY

“I wanted to tell you how wonderful your shoes are. I have worn them all the time since purchasing a few months ago. I do not wear any other shoes now. Before, my feet would hurt and my back would be in complete spasm. I am now 80% better. I use to be just worn out from my daily walk.Thank you for great shoes it has made a difference in my life.”
C.E. – Twin Falls, ID

“I can’t thank you enough for going out of your way for me. You have such integrity and it’s been so nice doing business with you. You have me for a customer forever!”
C.C. – Citrus Heights, CA

“I received my sandals and bling. I wore them today and love, love, love them! They are beautiful and so very comfortable! Receiving compliments and recommending your company already.”
C.B. – Banning, CA

“I just bought a pair of your shoes (Tiffany) at the Fresno Quilt Show at the Golden Palace! I walked through the rest of my time at the show in my new shoes…..if my feet could smile, they would have been doing just that! I love the way my feet feel! Thank you!”
C.H. – Fresno, CA

“I cannot tell you how good it felt to slip into those shoes.  My feet and legs were aching to put them on. Because my arch is so high and my feet are wide, it is impossible to find a shoe that doesn’t, eventually, agitate my back. With two herniated and two bulging disks good shoes are extremely important to me. I can actually walk longer distances and stand for longer periods of time when wearing the Karins. Thank you so much.”
K.S. – Pasadena, CA

“I love the shoes and have had them on except when sleeping. Love them!!!”
L.G. – Ben Lomond, CA

“Thanks for the quick return!! They are wonderful … the color is not what I expected, but I think I like it better!! You did a great job … your customer service is wonderful! I’ll be enjoying my new shoes and taking them on a cruise in February – got get these babies traveling around the world like the old ones!”
M.U. –  Henderson, Nevada

“FYI, my daughter-in-law LOVED her red sandals.  Thank you again.”
N.A. – Livermore, CA

“I love my shoes they are the most wonderful shoes I have ever had I am looking forward to buying another pair when you come to Sonora ca or at least around here somewhere thank you again for making these shoes I am spoiled I tell people about them all the time.”
S.M. – Sonora, CA

“Thank You Larry………….. They arrived Friday and have not been off my feet sense except for sleeping. They are so comfie and I Love them.”
M.S. – Hillsboro, Oregon

“I just want to let you know that I bought a pair of your shoes at the Pomona Harvest Festival. I have had really bad tendonitis and my doctor had said there was nothing that could be done for it. Too bad he didn’t know about your shoes! Two days after buying them my ankle and foot are free of pain. My other shoes are going in the trash!”
A.S. – Pomona, CA

“Just thought you might like to know that every time I wear my chartreuse sandals that I got from you in January, I get compliments! Still comfy!”
L.C. – Modesto, CA

“I do longarm quilting. Have had troubles in the last 6 months with my back…… could only quilt 1 hr at a time at most. Yesterday, I quilted 5 hours straight!!! And I didn’t automatically slip my shoes off when I walked in the door…..I forget they’re on my feet!!! Now I ask you — where have you been for the last 20 yrs? 🙂 You have a customer for life with me……and I’m going to refer fellow quilters to you.”
D. S. – La Pine, Oregon

“I purchased a pair of your sandals 2 weeks ago at the Reno dog show. I was in agony with foot pain, shin splints, knee, hip, & back pain from wearing another brand shoe to show my dog. I even had to take pain pills at night to sleep. I tried on your shoe and jokingly told the vendor that “if they hurt, I will bring them back”. He assured me that once I wore them, I would not take them off. As I have had nothing but problems with shoes, I snorted and laughed, but bought them anyway. Well, it has been 2 weeks and I have not taken them off, except to go to bed and so far, no foot pain, no shin splints, no knee, hip, nor back problems. I will be buying another pair soon and have referred your company to all of my friends. YOU ROCK!”
P. M. – North Highlands, California

“I write to say thank you for your efforts to fit the sandals to my feet. You took on a difficult task and I have sandals that fit well and are comfortable. I walked a mile yesterday (our usual dog walk) and felt good. The soles of the sandals are amazing. I hope you will keep the measurements so when I need new ones they can be made available. Thank you.”
G. E. – Watsonville, California

“A note to say that my new sandals arrived today and they fit well! So happy to have found you. Thanks – I love mine!”
K. D. – San Rafael, California

“I bought 2 pairs of Karins & today I wore the greyish ones. Everyone loved them & tried on one of mine. You may get some orders! These shoes are marvelous!”
M. P. – Visalia, California

“I bought my V-thongs sandal, yesterday at the Dog show in Sacramento, I have type 1 diabetes with real bad neuropathy and lower back pain radiating down my legs and feet. I wore the sandal’s the rest of the time at the dog show. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! from my other flip flops. Customer service was GREAT! The lady of the owner was awesome, she helped me so much, in the fitting and the bling too.”
M. H. – Sacramento, California

“My Karin sandals in turquoise snake arrived yesterday. They fit perfectly and the color is just right! I am very pleased! I am now the proud owner of three pair of your sandals. First pair are very well loved and worn but continue to be great for all year round daily wear.”
N. N. – Moreno Valley, California

“Hi — i bought a pair at the Oregon Summer Quilt Expo in Redmond, Oregon — OMGosh! These are REALLY comfortable. Took away all the hip and back pain associated with walking for 3 days at the quilt show and the expo.”
D. S. – La Pine, Oregon

Thank you for every thing, these are the only shoe I will wear all summer long. You sold me brown sandals at the Del Valle dog show, let me tell you – they went to the Brazilian Amazon with me for a month. The sandals experienced Amazon hell, all different types of jungle terrain, and were just wonderful!”
M.M. – Concord, California

“I just wanted to tell you how much I love my sandals. I had two foot surgeries and I could not find any shoes that would work for me, you are a blessing to my feet. I look forward to getting more sandals from you. Thank you again for all your hard work.”
P.K. – Reseda, California

“I just received my new sandals and they are GORGEOUS!! And they fit!! Thank you so much!! They were special order Silver Snake, WOW. You added a extra 1 1/2 inches on the straps for my big footsies. Absolutely fabulous!! I am styling! Thanks again.”
K.A. – Eugene, Oregon

Meant to tell you, I got the bling and the shoes back the same day!! I love my shoes!! Thank you for the good customer service! And the great shoes!”
K.Z. – Pacifica, California

I’m wearing them now! Still love them and still telling the world how comfortable they are! Keep up the good work!
M.J. – Oakland, California

“I basically wore only the 2 pairs I got from you this summer. I toured over 20 schools, did 3 trips to DisneyLand, and moved to a new house – all in your sandals – no foot or lower back pain!”
H.B. – Mountain View, California

“We are back from our European cruise and our Walk the Walk sandals were the most comfortable shoes we have ever worn….the cobblestone streets were a breeze!”
B.S. – Fairview, Oregon

“This is the greatest shoe ever created! I’m sending your most recent advertising email to my Doberman email list (1800 members) with my accolades.”
C.M. – Fairfield, California

“I purchased two pair of your v thong sandals. About two weeks later I dropped a laptop computer smack on my second toe and broke it. Your sandals were the only shoe I could comfortably wear and allowed the toe to heel and I feel that I looked good as well. Just want to say thanks for a great sandal.”
K.T. – Alameda, California

“I know this is all no surprise to you, but I just wanted to thank you for the great customer service. It is a pleasure doing business with a small family-owned company with the personal touch. Please use this as a testimonial to your company’s integrity and customer service if appropriate!”
K.S. – Winthrop, Washington

“I just wanted to tell you that I have worn my sandals almost every day since I purchased them in January! The width, shape and the well-designed foot bed have been a Godsend to someone recovering from fallen arches and ‘retired teacher feet!’ It is nice to find shoes in a wide width that are attractive! The “made in USA” is a bonus as well!! THANK YOU!!”
S.B. – Cambry, Indiana

Got my 1st pair yesterday; they will not be my only pair. Solid comfort on all fronts.”
P.B. – Alpine, Texas

Bought the neat purple shoes…..I do love ’em. I read some of your comments from folks that have purchased your products and completely agree with them. Anxious for summer so I can wear mine a little more.”
G.M. – Lodi, California

“Looking forward to wearing my wonderful sandals to the apple blossom festival in Sebastopol. What fine footwear!”
P.B. – Sebastopol, California

“These are by far the most comfortable, beautiful and well made sandals I have ever tried. I am spoiled and will only purchase sandals from your company.”
L.M. – Fremont, California

“Just wanted to let you know that my new silver sandals arrived. I LOVE them. So, until next time, my feet say THANK YOU and so do I”
G.H. – Soquel, California

“Love, love, love my sandals! Such a relief to have them! Can’t wait to receive my second pair.”
C.L. – Lompoc, California

“Hi, I loooove my new work shoes. Thank you thank you! They are amazing.”
A.S. – Vacaville, California

“My shoes arrived yesterday…they’re THE most comfortable footwear I’ve ever owned. I have to make sure you keep a record of the size and custom fitting information for me so I can order more in the future.”
C.M. – Fairfield, California

“Just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful shoe; I’m already planning on what I want for my second pair! I’m so glad that I decided to stop at your booth and I know others who would say the same thing!!”
M.H.  – Turlock, California

“I am so grateful for the shoes. Walked 4.5 miles at Disneyland a few weeks ago. More comfortable and cushioning for my knees than any shoe I have. Love ’em.”
J.M. – Livermore, California

“Thank you so much for your good work and wonderful service. I love my sandals!
C.C. – Citrus Heights, California

“Just wanted to let you know that I received my shoes and I’m loving them just as much as I love my 3 other pairs!”
C.J. – California

“I received my shoes a couple of weeks ago and have been wearing them almost everyday since. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciated the way you handled my situation! Your customer service outranks any I have ever experienced. Your shoes are not only fantastic, your customer service is exemplary!!”
P.R. – Dayton, Nevada

“Thank you, Thank you, My compliments to your company for outstanding service.”
K.K. – San Francisco, California

“I bought two pair of your sandals. I love them and rarely wear anything else.”
T.M. Freemont, California

“The Bay Area sandals I bought earlier this year… have been a huge blessing– I’m so grateful that my sister saw your booth, urged me to try them on and to buy them! I wear them everyday and have NO PAIN, EVER. What an amazing product and worth every penny. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”
C.H. – Corvallis, Oregon

“I got a pair a year ago…and have worn them virtually EVERY single day for a year. I love them.”
L.P. – Santa Rosa, California

“I bought a pair of your sandals last year…I love my sandals!!! I have not had sandals I could wear without pain for years since getting that horrible heel pain (plantar fasciitis.) I have nearly lived in my sandals this summer and it’s wonderful!”
J.P. – Portland, Oregon

“I can’t believe how nice and how quickly you have responded to my concerns. I can’t thank you enough! Bless you for your excellent customer service! I won’t hesitate to recommend your company and these shoes to my friends.”
P.R. – Reno, Nevada

“I got a pair of your V-Slides at a quilt show in Modesto last winter. I have worn them almost exclusively all spring and summer, and they could not be more comfortable! Awesome arch supports, lovely support all over. I’m recommending them to my friends. Thanks!”
S.M. – Manteca, California

“May I say that you were indeed a sensation at our recent Quilt Show in Eureka. All of us love our sandals!”
J.D. – Fortuna, California

“I need to tell you that I LOVE my sandals and can wear them all day comfortably!”
L.C. – Modesto, California

“…the sandals I purchased are the best sandals I’ve had! They’ve made a world of difference in enabling me to walk.”
C.M. – Sacramento, California

“I am looking forward to my new sandals. I wore the black ones … for 3 weeks and just love them. My feet never got tired or hurt. Thank you again, for your shoes.”
P.W. – Marysville, California

“My new sandals arrived and they fit perfectly. They are beautiful and I have received numerous compliments. I love them!”
D.G. – Reno, Nevada

“I enjoy wearing my 3 pairs of sandals this summer. The Purple Glove Karin style, Burgundy Capote and Cognac Weave Velcro Backstrap styles fit perfectly with the extended straps. Plan to wear the sandals at trade shows. Most comfortable shoes ever! I Can’t wait to order more pairs!”
L.B. – Rocklin, California

“Just wanted to let you know that my shoes arrived yesterday, as predicted, and are wonderfully comfortable. Thank you!”
Y.S. – Los Gatos, California

“Last year I bought my husband a pair of the Velcro sandals (size 43) since you said they could be returned if he wasn’t happy. You knew your product well and my husband was very happy! He says they are the most comfortable sandals he has had and does not even want to wear his Berks.”
C.R. – Reno, Nevada

“I just have to let you know that…I love my new shoes! P.S. It is all I wear now!”
M.S. – Sacramento, California

“Thanks, the shoes are my favorite, as usual. Just love the bling!!!”
B.B. – Sebastopol, California

“Received my blessings in the form of your truly comfortable sandals and thanks for the warm and most helpful sales staff.”
K.O. – Sacramento, California

“Just want you to know I am enjoying my very comfortable sandals you made narrow for my skinny feet.”
L.C. – Modesto, California

“I wear my black sandals velcro strap on cruises and whenever I can. I bought them last August in Lake Tahoe and yes…have worn them a lot. I can wear these sandals comfortably without orthotics–the only sandals I’ve ever been able to do that with. On my last cruise, I gave out the website to two ladies.”
P.B. – Gardnerville, Nevada

“Just wanted to let you know my new shoes arrived and I absolutely love them.”
B.S. – San Jose, California

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my shoes. The only pair I have ever had that you can wear all day the
first day. I’m in my 70’s and have had tons of shoes…these are the best.”

N.B. – Los Angeles, California

“I bought a pair of your fabulous shoes at Stitches West. I love them. My bff, Connie, is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her custom pair.”
R.O. – Santa Clara, California

“I have major foot and ankle problems and have worn Birkenstocks for years. I bought my first pair of Bay Area Comfort Sandals and my feet feel wonderful. I do trade shows and stand on concrete up to 12 hours a day. My feet do not hurt! I could stand all day. Well done guys!”
L.H. – Madison, Wisconsin

“Hey!  When did you guys start making sandals with Bling! Man! Love “Em! Woo Hoo! Looks like I’m going to have to order some more sandals. I’m living in these 2 pair, even in the cold weather. I’ll take comfort anyday. Great Job!”
G. – Hollister, California

“Since I bought my 2 pair from you…, I have lived in them and am no longer paralyzed with plantar fascitis! Thanks for a great product.”
A.K. – Newark, California

“My husband and I both bought a pair (this Spring.) We were Birkenstock wearers before, but these far surpass them in comfort and style. We will both be buying these sandals every year for as long as you continue to sell them!”
B.F. – Morro Bay, California

“My feet were going numb and I had knee, hip and back pain. As soon as I removed my shoes and put the sandals on, my feet stopped being numb, the pains went away! I am so amazed! I purchased 2 pair in different styles, and will continue to buy your shoes because they are great.”
K.W. – San Francisco, California

“I purchased a pair of your sandals in Albuquerque this summer and I LOVE them! I have horrible feet and I never want to wear anything but my sandals. What I like best about the sandal is the way it has molded to my foot. I have bunion problems and when I wear my sandals my feet don’t hurt.”
G.B. – Albuquerque, New Mexico

“I love your sandals. I purchased some about 8 years ago. …(they have) been through the ringer 10,000 times and back. These sandals will last 50 years.”
B.M. – West Palm Beach, Florida

They (the Sandals) are wonderful! I wear them all day at work, on my feet most the time, and they are still comfortable at the end of the day!”
D.A. – Scott Valley, California

“I was so elated when I put my shoes on, I have to say by far they are the most comfortable shoes I now own.”
A.M. – Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Thank You, the customer service you provided was over the top. I love the shoes.”
Y.B. – Santa Rosa, California

“I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my new sandals – I haven’t taken them off since I got them on Sunday and I can’t believe how comfortable they are, in fact I almost feel like I’m barefoot! We will be buying a pair for my husband and another pair for myself (one that matches more of my clothes – I’m running out of “pink” lol.)”
J.B. – Vacaville, California

“The Sandals…have reduced my severe ‘no-cartilage knees’ discomfort SIGNIFICANTLY! They really work.”
T.M. – Concord, California

“Received my sandals and love them! They are so comfortable – no more back aches.”
C.W. – Reno Nevada

“Without any false bravado, these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn (and I’m 60.) I have had five surgeries to repair my foot and I have been in complete discomfort for years (Birkenstocks offered a little relief.) I am virtually pain free and it is hard to believe. I will be ordering a couple of more pairs. You make a spectacular product and you have a new long term customer.”
R.S. – Murphys, California

“I just received my beautiful silver sandals. They are even move comfortable than I remember!”
V.M – San Mateo, California

“The most important two things are your bed and shoes. You’re in either one or the other.”
K.S. – Dublin, California

“I’ve tried on a lot of shoes and have never felt anything this comfortable before.”
S.L. – Olympia, Washington

“Enclosed is my order for another pair of shoes, I love the clogs & have been wearing them everyday.”
T.T. – San Ramon, California

“The first day I wore them, I stood all day in comfort.  The second day they seemed to be even better.  I really cannot say enough about how wonderful they are.  You do not have to wait to break them in.  I will be ordering two more pair when I get back from Tucson.”
D.P. – Davie Florida

“I work trade shows and have worn your shoes for 4 years. They save my feet. I couldn’t do it without them.”
P.C. – San Antonio, Texas

“I love the ability to customize my own sandals and they’re stylish. I have 7 pairs.”
K. – Petaluma, California

“The first pair of shoes for a long time that felt good to walk in.”
T.D. – Concord, California

“My lower back pain has disappeared since wearing Walk the Walk sandals. What a difference!”
M.H. – Moneta, Virginia

“Thank you for making my feet happy!”
C.S. – Mill Valley, California

“I have a neuroma that I don’t feel when wearing Bay Area Comfort Footwear sandals. What a relief.”
L.S. – Novato, California

“There’s an immediate recognition of extreme comfort as soon as I put them on.”
P.R. – Santa Rosa, California

“My girlfriend loan me her pair to try. I knew afterwards that I had to have them.”
B.K. – San Rafael, California

“Our jury of 10 had to decide to let Bay Area Comfort Footwear exhibit at our Quilt Festival. We’re happy we did – 5 of us bought your sandals.”
T.S. Murphys, California

“What a great product! If I didn’t sell our product, I would want to help you sell your shoes.”
E.H. – Tacoma, Washington

“So many vendors wear your sandals and swear by them. I bought a pair and glad I did.”
D.K. – Santa Clara, California

“Your sandals are so comfortable and supportive that I stopped wearing my leg brace.”
B.W. – Santa Rosa, California

“I love the quality, comfort and the fact they’re made in America.”
E.A. – San Jose, California

“They’re so comfortable that I wore them all weekend, from the time I bought them until I went to sleep Sunday evening.”
C.L. – San Rafael, California

“I have three friends that bought your sandals and told me to check them out. I had to try your sandals to believe them and they’re right!”
L.K. – Arnold, California

“You realize how comfortable they are as soon as you put them on and walk on concrete. They save my feet.”
A.C. Novato, California

“They have made such a difference in my life. When you’re feet are happy your day goes so much better.”
E.K. – St. Louis, Missouri

“I have been a diabetic for 50 years and these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.”
C.S. – Longview, Washington

“They are wonderful. They fit perfectly and feel so good on my feet. I cannot wait for warm weather so I can wear them all the time.”
H. – Redwood City, California

“As a Hairdresser, I stand 10-12 hours a day, 5 days a week and with these shoes, I don’t hurt. Thanks.”
P.H. – Napa, California

“You came to our Neuropathy meeting Wednesday and I bought a pair of the clog shoes. For the first time in a long time my feet are WARM and comfortable. Thank you very much.”
S.S. – San Rafael, California

“…my feet can’t stand any other shoe. Thank you, … for introducing me to the best ever shoe and made in the USA too!”
C.B. – Tacoma, Washington

“My feet were always cold. Now with the sandals Reflexology, my feet are warm.”
N.S. – Ventura, California

“I just wanted to say Thank You and let you know that these are the most comfortable sandals that I’ve ever purchased.”
– Santa Clara, California

“I ordered the Karin, they fit perfectly and are quite stylish. They are all I wear now and I love the fact that they are made in the U.S.”
J.J. – Camas, Washington

“I received my new shoes last week. Thanks! I am thrilled with the sandals. They fit better than any shoe I have had previously. My feet, knees and hips are feeling good.”
S.B.  – Concord, California

“We received the clogs today! That was really fast. Thanks for the Great Customer Service.”
– San Mateo, California

“I didn’t believe shoes this comfortable existed. They’re better than my Mephistos.”
V.M.  – Foster City, California