Anatomy of Our Sandals

Ultimate in Footwear Comfort

Our Sandals are hand-made, cut and stitched using the best equipment and materials, not mass-produced using a mold.

See below for explanation of each feature.

  Leather – We use high quality American leathers for comfort including “glove”, “capote” and “embossed”. There is no chemical residue which helps eliminate odors. The leather will stretch slightly and conforms to your foot. The tanning and dyeing process helps defuse wetness inside. Polyurethane Orthotic – Our high quality Polyurethane Orthotic is lightweight, flexible and specifically designed to “conform to your foot” after 2 or 3 days of use. It provides unparallel comfort and support in 5 areas! Excellent arch support will center your arch over the arch in the insole. A “support bar” for your metatarsals eliminates the need to squeeze your toes. Excellent ball of the foot support, outside support and heel support. Unlike conventional “rigid” Orthotics, your comfort is immediate and can be worn comfortably for long periods. The Orthotic is non-conductive and doesn’t absorb heat from the ground – keeping your feet cool. Your foot and shoe become one. Foot comfort and support at its best! Sole – The knobs on the sole of the shoes provide a massaging effect known as Reflexology. They enhance circulation helping reduce swelling when walking or standing and invigorates your feet. Reflexology has beneficial results on other parts of the body while stimulating the nerve endings that start at the bottom of your feet. Shock absorption helps protect your ankles, knees, hips and lower back. Heel – The heel design is “rolled” to allow for a better fit and cradles your heels in comfort. Footbed – The unique footbed is made to give your feet room to expand as they swell throughout the day as well as extra support and uniform weight distribution. Glove leather on the footbed adds to the comfort. Comfort Adjustments – Straps, buckles and Velcro provide “comfort adjustments” and a perfect fitting for each foot. Non-Skid & Antimicrobial – Our Soles are non-skid for safety. The Polyurethane Orthotic is treated with an antimicrobial seal. Cleaning Instructions – Wipe with a clean, damp cloth. As with any fine leather, do not soak in water.